CRM or Customer Relationship Management service is a strategy to help businesses manage their interactions and relationships with leads and customers. A powerful CRM system will help organizations stay in touch with customers, improve team productivity and streamline workflows.

Zofact’s CRM service assists businesses with contact management, pipeline management, lead qualification, task management and so much more. Our goal is simple: to help you improve your business relationships.

With Zofact, you can:

  • Deliver intelligent service to attain customer excellence
  • Track each opportunity and close deals faster
  • Make customer interaction more efficient at every touch point
  • Improve customer, employee, partner engagements

In today’s digitally-enhanced world, fast and efficient customer interactions is key to success. Organizations must strive to enhance their relationship with leads and customers through modern approach- at every touch point, across multiple channels. Zofact’s Customer Relationship Management solution helps you put customer at the heart of your business and leverage techniques to boost sales, enhance customer service and improve team productivity.

We help organizations enhance customer conversations and understand them better. With Zofact’s CRM service, you can get the most out of your CRM implementation and make your business customer-centric.



Zofact offers various CRM development and customization services as per modern-day needs, procedures and goals of your business. CRM is a key tool that helps you maintain healthy customer relationships and provide valuable service to them. Our team of professionals have vast expertise in CRM, as they can develop a solution at scale for your ever-growing business.


Zofact helps you nurture leads like a pro by providing 360° view into lead scores, interaction history, engagements, collaborations, sales analytics and more. Our solid CRM platform helps you implement strategies better for improved sales process.



Zofact’s CRM service is flexible, premium-quality and easy to avail. It helps you deliver better customer experiences and even better work experience. We implement state-of-the-art features- including customer automation, opportunity management, pipeline management and more. Streamline your daily activities and achieve customer excellence with Zofact!


Our flexible configuration option allows you to use all features or only the ones that your business needs, in order to make your everyday work experience more competent. In short, our CRM service includes comprehensive and versatile set of features- but these features will be implemented exactly the way you want it.

Task Management

Create, Assign and Manage Tasks In a Better Way.

Create new tasks automatically, set follow-up reminders right after a call with customer and get required contact details in just few clicks.

  • Zofact helps you create, assign and manage tasks, whilst automatically linking them to the related customer’s record. This way you will have all the necessary information on-hand next time you will work on it.
  • All your leads, opportunities or contacts information is kept at your fingertips.
  • Automate task workflows with Zofact, as we help you set up a follow-up reminder if an opportunity reaches a certain stage of sales funnel.
  • Zofact can also synchronize tasks with other calendar apps like Outlook or Google Calendar to streamline your events.
Pipeline Management

Manage Pipeline. Get Complete Visibility.

Find opportunities with better pipeline sorting, filtering and complete visualization.

  • Zofact helps you visualize your open opportunities in different sales stages or other opportunity parameters. You can then sort and filter opportunities so as to find the ones that need further targeting.
  • Our team can help you derive insights into your pipeline performance as well as team productivity. Use these insights to find out bottlenecks in your sales growth, resolve significant issues and improve customer service.
  • Get complete visibility of your pipeline and see won, lost opportunities, check scheduled appointments and track performance against different parameters.
  • Sort and filter opportunities based on stage, amount, name or other custom filters over time.

Sales managers get to access valuable metrics about performance of individual team member. See how your campaigns, products and sales teams are performing in achieving sales goals. Sales reps get deeper understanding of their opportunities, spending less time in data entry and more in selling.

Contact Management

Keep track of all your contacts. Take Control of Pipe Progression.

Zofact’s Contact Management feature helps you keep track of every interaction, every call, chat, queries, etc. from prospects, at all touchpoints. Your team can access this information anytime through a streamlined contact management system.

  • Contact Management system helps your marketing, sales and support teams to track client history, contact details and check pipe progression on the go.
  • Our CRM service helps you import or export contacts, perform segmentation of entire contact list and carry out analytics as needed.
  • Segment contacts or prospects based on their behavior, interests, demographics, job title, industry type and more. Zofact’s flexible CRM service assists you in engaging with your contacts over the long term.
  • Incoming contacts can be assigned to different team agents and you can define access permission to any contact or opportunity based on related parameters.
  • Zofact lets you integrate actions such as notes, to-do tasks, emails, meeting schedules, etc. with contacts from a single point. This way you can find every detail about a contact immediately.

Zofact’s Contact Management feature helps you personalize your marketing and sales approach.

Opportunity Management

Opportunity Pipeline Made Transparent. Track Progress of Each Opportunity.

Accelerate opportunities by assigning them to right agents automatically as soon as it’s generated.

  • Zofact’s opportunity management feature helps you focus on hot opportunities and win more deals faster. Check opportunity and their related details such as contacts, forecast amount, estimated close dates and more.
  • You can also attach documents, notes and have collaborative conversations with team agents on how to win any opportunity.
  • As you win opportunities, we can help you create further targeting campaigns, so post-sales teams can manage workflows more effectively.

Zofact’s expert team has years of experience in opportunity management. With Zofact, brands can move hot opportunities further across sales funnel more quickly. Prioritize opportunities by creating filtered lists depending on their close date, value, owner, related sales rep and more. Reap maximum benefits from sales by managing pipeline activities adeptly.

Lead Qualification

With our CRM service, marketers can qualify leads effectively before they are passed on to the sales agents.

Zofact will provide complete visibility into campaigns and multichannel touches, so you can understand which of your activities or marketing efforts are attracting leads. With this information, you can segment leads, score and track different metrics of lead qualification. As a result, you will get to know which leads are actually ready to be passed onto sales and which ones need further nurturing.

Lead Distribution

Route Leads to right direction. Boost Sales.

Lead Distribution or Lead Routing procedures can be streamlined with Zofact for better transparency in workflows. We let you create rules and determine whether you want to distribute leads to sales rep, business development teams or send it back for more nurturing.

Zofact’s CRM system can handle scoring, lead qualification and routing processes to separate out purchase-ready leads from sluggish ones. Based on lead activity history such as website visits, email opens, email replies, downloads and more, you can assign behavior-dependent scores and distribute leads to right agents for further targeting.