Here’s everything you need to provide exceptional support to your customers

Zofact helps you deliver best customer experiences. Our customer support platform is flexible, powerful and scalable in order to meet the requirements of businesses of all sizes.

Zofact not only helps you maximize your ROI, but also assists you in building strong customer relationships.

Every business organization needs to prioritize customers at all costs. Without solid customer support, no business can succeed in the long run. Which is why, Zofact offers comprehensive customer support service which acts as an integral part of your business.

Our technical support services act as a powerful help desk platform where customers can resolve their issues regarding any product or service. Whereas, teams can undertake collaborative approach regarding customer tickets. With advancement in technology, such service proves to be effective in retaining customers.

  • Zofact’s customer support service helps businesses to overcome various support challenges by offering smart solutions.
  • Our trained, experienced team provides unique expertise to help you boost sales.
  • We offer a cost-effective solution to attract new leads, resolve customer issues and answer queries in an efficient way.


Zofact retains full customer support history, interactions, ticket creations and more- all at one place. This way agents can focus on resolving issues rather than workflows. Zofact will let you manage multiple channels and their respective help desk from single platform.


Zofact’s has mastered the task of managing workflows, reports & analytics and complete customer support history. Each conversation with your customer transforms into a ticket, as Zofact keeps you updated about interactions taking place at multiple channels.


Customer interactions across email, social media, chat, phone calls or any other channel are all centralized at one place- Zofact’s platform. We will track, prioritize and help you solve customer support tickets faster. Our service makes support interactions more seamless, efficient and personalized- thereby increasing customer satisfaction and agent productivity.



Zofact streamlines support workflows to make sure all tickets are routed, prioritized, assigned and move in right direction, so nothing can seep through the cracks! Our solid ticket management service makes it easier for businesses to implement self-service options, offer personalized support and deliver consistent customer experience.


Zofact Customer Support service can be configured to any workflow, in order to suit support needs of all business sizes- be it complex, large-scale or small-scale. Our customer support system is flexible enough to adapt with procedures of any business, whilst scaling as business grows. Be productive and handle all customer interactions like a pro with Zofact!


Having right kind of tools is the key to success for every business. With reports and analytics, Zofact can provide valuable insights into your support teams and their performance.

Zofact Support will arm you with reports and analytics, so you can measure and enhance your entire customer service. Learn whether your customers are satisfied or not through surveys and ratings. Derive significant metrics on your performance through reports and dashboards.

Run your customer support desk smoothly with Zofact!


Customer Support History

Not keeping track of customer support history can adversely affect your support desk, as you will have to look for their details and previous tickets elsewhere and then respond. This process not only takes a lot of time, but might also cause inconvenience to your customers as they’ll have to wait for your response. That’s when Zofact comes in!

Zofact captures every customer interaction and preserves comprehensive interaction history for further reference.

Our team will help businesses have faster, efficient and tailored interactions with customers, as support history will instantly be retrieved. Know every minute detail about your client- including their contact details, time zone, location, previous tickets, etc. to understand their journey better across multiple channels.

Additionally, we can also integrate customer support history with your CRM database to keep it updated.

Reports & Dashboards
  • Predict how your customers are liking your support experience. Gather customer feedbacks through NPS surveys, measure customer loyalty and understand whether your customers are satisfied with your brand or not.
  • Zofact will also provide insights into your support workflows and agent performance.
  • Get better sense of your ticket volume, key support metrics and how your agents are performing. With these insights, you can build custom reports to measure efficiency of operations, improve support workflows and understand your customers better.
  • We will provide KPIs that measure your customer support experience, so you can understand where your company stands. Use these metrics to make data-driven decisions and improve your support system.

Zofact team helps businesses measure, enhance and deliver exceptional customer experience. Know how your customers interact your brand across channels without losing track.

Ticket Management system
  • Zofact Support service allows customers to connect with you on multiple platforms- including web, email, Facebook, Twitter or any other channel. We can seamlessly integrate different channels and centralize all your interactions in the form of tickets at one place.
  • Zofact can gather contact information by asking right questions in ticket forms. We can create multiple, customized support request forms with unique fields, making it easier for you to understand what your customers expect from you.

Zofact provides consistent customer service with powerful ticket management system. Our team will collect customer support requests from different types of sources and manage them at one place. Such ticketing system acts as a shared inbox for all your customer issues, thereby making ticket management easier as breeze!

Calendar and Task Management

Zofact will streamline all your to-do tasks, events, meetings, etc. with proficient Calendar and Task Management service. Never lose track of important dates ever again!

Our team will help you create custom calendars, to-do tasks and mark events for respective customer tickets. Zofact makes task creation, task assignment and overall task management much easier.