Marketing Automation


Zofact offers Marketing Automation service to businesses of all sizes in order to drive customer engagements in an efficient way. Zofact’s powerful marketing automation platform helps you launch multi-channel, personalized marketing campaigns that familiarizes with customer’s journey.

Capture more leads. Close deals faster. Deliver exceptional customer experience.

Our marketing automation platform can launch campaigns that deliver highest value with measurable return and minimal investment. We deploy marketing automation services in a proficient way to get faster, better results.

Our expert team strives to maximize your marketing ROI and reach. And, their expertise is available for your help whenever you need it. Our consultative approach will assist you in selecting the right marketing automation service as per the needs of your business. Accordingly, we will configure automation campaigns, workflows, lead scoring models, landing pages, site tracking, list segmentation and more as per your requirements. We will manage all your marketing activities across multiple channels. By the same token, Zofact will help you generate more leads, boost conversion rates and improve customer retention.

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Zofact Marketing Automation services save efforts and time. We will take care of the workflows, so you can focus on other stuff.

  • With email automation, we will set up a series of email that will be triggered at right time, to right audience. Segment your contacts or implement simple workflows to automate marketing campaigns like a pro!
  • Find out who are your most engaged prospects. Derive information from multiple channels and automate the marketing to save time.
  • Zofact will help your team boost traffic, convert leads into potential customers and track the entire funnel.


Zofact will design attractive CTAs and personalize messaging, so website visitors will be enticed to click. Messages will be personalized based on traffic source, location, persona, device type and more.


Launch professional-grade landing pages with Zofact, attach form to gather visitor information and target audience with personalized campaigns to increase conversions over time. Provide a personalized path to every lead towards purchase.

Our drip marketing service can queue up bunch of emails that will nurture leads with everything they’ll need to convert into a paying customer.


Zofact will automatically manage and record every interaction that customers have with your brand. With these insights, you can create reports on marketing campaigns and measure assets that contribute to final sales.



Our team will thoroughly analyze and understand your business processes, needs, goals and suggest our best marketing automation service that’s ideal for your business.


Needs, budget and goals of every business is different. And that’s why everyone should not follow same standard workflows. Zofact will configure custom workflows based on your business processes.


See how your marketing automations are performing in a single view. Get a bird’s-eye view of your marketing automations and take measurable actions to get better results.


Email Marketing

Zofact helps you automate email marketing, so you can have one-to-one conversations with your prospects. Improve ROI as we make it easier to create engaging emails and send email automations to targeted audience.

  • We put right emails in front of right prospects, so you can stay on top of your schedule. Send exactly what your audience would like to see!
  • Trigger emails based on site visits, engagements or purchase. Send welcome emails, trigger welcome series or send lead magnets automatically with Zofact.
  • List segmentation and dynamic content makes it easier to send customized messages to right contacts.

Drip Marketing

Zofact can create attractive, engaging Drip marketing campaigns, so you can nurture your prospects in the long run. Send right messages to your subscribers, leads and customers to increase sales opportunities.

  • Schedule series of emails with personalized content in them
  • Drive constant engagements with your prospects
  • Trigger right messages, to right people, at right time
  • Depending on responses from your prospects, you can further qualify leads and move them forward to the sales team to close deals faster and increase revenues
  • Get the timing right by sending automated drip emails on ideal open times

Social Media Marketing

Using Zofact’s Social Media Marketing services, you can improve your brand’s exposure by sharing promotional campaigns and posts on social media profiles. Boost your brand’s reach by creating post campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

Engage with existing customers and attract new leads through posts and polls on social media. Understand latest trends that are driving conversions and revenue. We will help you focus on activities that maximize your ROI.


SMS marketing

Reach people whilst they’re on the go! SMS marketing automation lets you send messages directly to your prospect’s pocket! Zofact can send text notifications, schedule text reminders and completely automate your SMS marketing process.

Remind event attendees, send flash sales notifications, appointment reminders or confirm delivery through our SMS Marketing expertise. We will collect phone numbers of customers with forms embedded into your website, so you can constantly engage with your contacts on the go with SMS campaigns.


Landing Pages

Zofact has mastered the skill of building mesmeric landing pages that drive conversions. Whether you want landing pages for your whitepaper, webinars, trail signups, appointments, or anything else, we will help you with everything you need!

We embed downloadable content, images, personalized messages on your landing page to grab your lead’s attention. Trigger a popup right before a lead exits your page or integrate a sign up form on top or bottom of the page to drive higher conversions.


Website Tracking

What are your site visitors looking at? With Zofact, you can track actions happening on your site and then follow up leads with tailored messages.

With such behavioral marketing, you can convert more visitors into potential customers, as every detail is taken into consideration. Zofact will pull significant behavioral data, so you can track every step of customer journey and make sure nothing seeps through the cracks.

  • Segment prospects based on what they do on your website
  • Automate triggered messages to follow-up leads based on their site activity
  • See what works best and what does not work for your campaigns

Form builder

Zofact can make your contact forms more personalized, dynamic and engaging. Our team designs forms in a way that will boost sign ups and attract more leads. As you capture contact information from forms, Zofact will help you send automated emails, welcome series, follow-up notifications and more.

Collect contact information, segment your prospects and make excellent first impression by triggering automations with custom forms.

Lead Scoring

Zofact configures predictive lead scoring system for marketers to identify leads, carry out list segmentation and nurture leads until they become sales-ready. Work with Zofact to create powerful lead scoring models that are ideal for your business.

We will score the lead based on their site visits, email opens, email replies, form submissions, interests and more. As soon as a prospect hits a desired score, we will start automation campaigns for further nurturing.

List segmentation

Say no to email blasts and start segmenting your contacts like a pro!

Improve your targeting strategies and build strong relationship with your customers by creating list segments. People will engage more with your brand, because you deliver right information to them and avoid irrelevant targeting.

Zofact can segment your entire contact list based on their behavior, attributes, demographics, interests, industry type and more.

Lead Nurturing

Every lead isn’t always sales-ready. With proper tactics and strategic planning, you need to create nurturing campaigns to entice leads to become purchase-ready. Zofact’s remarkable expertise will help you discard leaky sales funnel and bring back lost sales with strong lead nurturing campaigns.

Create smart lead nurturing workflows on Zofact’s powerful, automated platform. Manage existing as well as new leads effortlessly.