Zofact’s online scheduling and booking software helps organizations to stay in sync and keep track of customers who have booked appointments for their service.

Paper-based scheduling can get really difficult to maintain and follow. Whereas, online appointment scheduling is far more easy, streamlined and convenient- for users as well as business teams.

Zofact offers one of the best software with scheduling system and shared calendars for better client management. Wide range of features provide complete flexibility to organizations, so they can set up online scheduling system as per their requirements.

  • Accept Online bookings on website or Facebook page
  • Automated Notifications via Email/SMS
  • Accept Online Payments
  • Lists and Shared Calendars to keep track of appointments
  • Quick Sync with Google Calendars
  • Easy staff collaboration


Zofact’s Online Scheduler software delivers pleasant experience to users. When clients visit your site, they can book appointments to avail your service, at any time and any place. This way you can keep 24/7 booking system open for all your customers


Getting missed calls from customers is the most unfavorable thing that can happen to any organization. Not just that, calling customers back and finding them busy or uninterested can further prove quite detrimental for your business. All of this can be taken care of at Zofact’s integrated scheduling platform, thereby enhancing productivity of your team. Save time and let customer book, cancel or reschedule their bookings online.

Today, around 70% customers prefer to book online and businesses who don’t offer online booking service are risking on losing a huge customer base.



No need to limit your business by performing all the scheduling and booking tasks manually. With Zofact, you can totally get rid of the scheduling stress, as our scheduling software will automatically keep track of all bookings.


Use appointment history to forecast demands, auto-assign appointments to agents and add shift changes on the go. Agents can view their schedules, change their availability status and seamlessly trade appointments- all through one platform.



With flexible Calendars, all your booked appointments and schedules will be laid out for you, just the way you want to view it. You can easily categorize appointments as no-shows, cancelled and completed.

Adjusts As Per Time Zones

Zofact’s free scheduling software supports multiple time zones to help organizations serve clients worldwide. All time slots and emails of appointments will display time zone as per your customer’s location.

Customizable Booking Forms

Set up scheduler forms, so you can extract significant information from your clients as they fill up booking form. You can customize these forms as per your requirements and add fields as you’d like to qualify customers even before they schedule appointment.


Automated Emails

Zofact will automatically send emails/SMS to staff and clients at key points in order to confirm, remind and follow-up regarding their bookings. Set up reminder emails by mentioning start date and end date and emails will be automatically delivered to the recipients. Notify staff and clients of booked, cancelled or rescheduled bookings.

Accept Online Payments

Provide online payment options to reduce no-show rates. Choose from different payment processors such as Stripe, PayPal or secure card payments via our POS system.

Export Appointments Data

You can easily export appointments data or your contact lists to various formats and further print it out to create custom reports for your meetings.

Easy UX

Zofact has a clean, intuitive and easy-to-use interface that simplifies scheduling process for you as well as your clients. It also features flexible, responsive lists & calendars, so you can manage and navigate across bookings efficiently.

Integration with website or Facebook

Integrate Zofact into your website or Facebook page with link to the booking form. Zofact lets you use your custom domain name in the confirmation emails and schedule address.

Centralizes all customer contact data at one place

As customers schedule appointments, Zofact will save every customer’s contact details along with their bookings. Use this contact information to further build marketing campaigns, take appropriate actions, target customers and make them return for your service. Create discount coupons or gift cards for your repeat customers.

Identify Growth Opportunities

Your booking data will be automatically analyzed, so you can see which areas need improvements and what can you do to increase your revenues.


Dashboards and reports will display the performance of your scheduler, so you can get a grip on your workflows, understand booking trends and predict future demands.

Monitor User Activity

Set up access rights to team agents and specify who can add, update or delete bookings. Specify who gets access to all your schedules, views customer history and upcoming events. Add employee fields that can only be edited and viewed by authorized admins.